About us

We are a reliable and competent partner in the fields of:

Power Plants

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals


Food and Beverage Industries

Pulp and Paper

Houshold and Municipal Services




•  CUSTOMER NEEDS our work aims at meeting the requirements of our customers in terms of equipment supply, engineering, assembling and commissioning. We do our best to make collaboration convenient for customers and provide customer support over the period of our equipment operating cycle.

•  QUALITY the result of constant perfection of competence, communications, long-term business relations with our partners, customer focus, manufacture of equipment and service provision. Continued skills upgrading is a goal of each worker. Well-defined objectives, systems of motivation, incite great achievements and dynamics of development.

•  OUR SPECIALIZATION is water and wastewater treatment. In our work we draw on long experience. Our equipment provides high water quality.

•  SUCCESS is measured in our company by the level of satisfaction of our customers. Each employee is customer-oriented.

•  RELIABILITY is meeting project deadlines, constant diagnosis of equipment and first-class service.

•  INNOVATIONS means non-stop research and development of innovative technologies, which provide ultimate solutions to problems . We create advanced technologies and equipment, which increase the profitability of your business and ensure environmental safety.